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Ilinca Harja Iliescu

București, Romania

How Many Chicks Do You See?

How many chicks do you see? I think there are 5, but I'm not sure.

5 responses to “How many chicks do you see?”

  1. Micah Grove says:

    I count 4 beaks.

  2. Ilinca Harja Iliescu says:


  3. birdlover says:

    COOL, never seen a post from Romania. keep us posted!

  4. Ilinca Harja Iliescu says:

    Thanks for comments!

    I posted one month ago a Black Redstart nest that had three eggs. After one week, I saw just one egg left, and I wonder why. Now another pair wants to take over the nest. They are pretty common in our garden.

  5. birdlover says:

    Im in bermuda, we mostly have sparrows, catbirds bluebirds and starlings. not that much

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