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Texas Bird Family

Katy, TX, USA


The hummingbirds at our feeder are attacking and chasing each other! Yesterday I saw three female Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds fighting! We got two feeders and put them in different places but they are still fighting! What can I do to make them not fight? I saw a male that got attacked and the feathers on his belly were coming off! Also 1 adult female Ruby Throat has a strange scar. She didn’t have that before. I saw her one day with now scar and the next day with a scar. She has been attacking the other females and males. Also, we saw an adult male with the same problem. See photos



Hummingbird Advice Needed.

Female Ruby throat with a scar on her throat

9 responses to “Hummingbird Advice Needed.”

  1. Ava Johnson says:

    Yeah, we’ve had that happen too. You can try to put the feeders next to each other, I’m not really sure how to stop the fighting.

  2. Oh,yes we have our hummingbirds do that,they fight for the nectar.we have had 4 hummingbirds at once & they will buzz around.I don’t know how to stop that.

  3. Do you have rofous hummingbirds fight?I read that they are aggressive.They will even drive out chipmunks, thrushes & blackbirds.

  4. Texas Bird Family says:

    No, only the Ruby-Throated.

  5. Texas Bird Family says:

    The hummingbirds at our feeder attack each other. Even the females. I saw three females attacking each other!

  6. I heard that you want tips for attracting chickadees.Go to the carolina & the black-capped chickadee nestplan on nestwatch,look at the range for yourself,I don’t think they live where you live,but maybe the carolina.

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