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Kathy Wood

Chemainus Road, Chemainus, BC, Canada


This nest appeared in the middle of the top of my hanging strawberry plant. We have a lot of hummingbirds around our house and provide them with food.

I think it is a hummingbird nest but my husband thinks it is a finch or other small bird.

Hummingbird Nest?

One response to “Hummingbird Nest?”

  1. Holly Grant, NestWatch Staff says:

    Hi Kathy, This is indeed a nest built by a small songbird, perhaps a sparrow species, such as a Dark-eyed Junco. Hummingbirds have much smaller nests with breath mint-sized eggs that they often build on tree branches or hanging wires – you won’t be likely to find hummingbird nests in planters like this. Here’s an example of an Anna’s Hummingbird nest on a string of fairy lights for comparison.

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