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Coco Quinn

Temple, TX, USA


Update: Yay! We got the new feeders! As you can see, we have the red and blue feeder. Then the white and blue hangings are hummingbird perches. We haven’t had any drink from them, but the one female keeps coming back and seems very interested! I LOVE the new feeders, and there aren’t any bees!! Here’s the link for the site down below, also the lady there named Polly is very nice, and she will make sure you get what you need at hardly any price!



Hummingbird Update

4 responses to “Hummingbird Update”

  1. HeartForNature says:

    That’s awesome, Coco! I’m glad you’re not having bee problems anymore.

  2. Micah Grove says:

    Yay! I’m glad for you and the hummers. Huh hummingbird perches. Do they not perch on your tree?

  3. Jordan P says:


  4. Coco Quinn says:

    Thank you everyone! Also Micah, they do perch on our trees. 😉

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