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Anne Krysiak

Castro Valley, CA, USA


There are at least two Hutton’s Vireo chicks. The parents built the nest on a crossbeam under our patio roof.


Hutton’s Vireo Babies

Hutton's Vireo Chicks

2 responses to “Hutton’s Vireo Babies”

  1. Anne Krysiak says:

    Hi Folks: Based on views of the mother bird sitting on the nest, I believed these to be Hutton’s Vireos. After closely observing the male bird, I now believe them to be Pacific Slope Flycatchers. Besides visual observance of the male (which has a crest), I also believe this because of the nest location (on a ledge), that the female only sat on the eggs while both birds are feeding the chicks, and calls that I’ve heard between the two birds–all of which are flycatcher behavior.

  2. Micah Grove says:

    Thats ok, thank you.

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