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Caleb Koser

Christiansburg, VA, USA



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ID Please!

ID please!

10 responses to “ID please!”

  1. Ava Johnson says:

    I’m guessing maybe a Baltimore Oriole. It’s really hard to tell though.

  2. I think it’s brown headed cowbird, but not sure.

  3. I looked at my picture closely and it had a brown head.

  4. It’s not orange.

  5. Ava Johnson says:

    To me the head looks yellow. Female Baltimore Orioles can be yellow. And since the lighting is weird, the body is just black.

  6. Texas Bird Family says:

    I cant tell.

  7. Texas Bird Family says:

    The head looks yellow to me.

  8. Texas Bird Family says:

    Yellow-headed Blackbird?

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