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Brittany Bloom

Temple, TX, USA



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Species: House Finch

Injured Male House FInch

This Male House Finch is injured, and comes to my feeder to lay down and eat.

9 responses to “Injured Male House FInch”

  1. Harper price says:

    Hi sis! Nice photo!

  2. Micah Grove says:

    Do you know what happened to this House Finch? Poor thing.

  3. Oaklynn price says:

    My sister told me she does not know. BTW how are you? my city is on lock down how about yours? I am still birding in my yard, How about you? Hope you and everyone are safe!

    P.S i Changed my username to my real name Oaklynn, So you can still find me.

  4. Micah Grove says:

    Okay! I’ll make sure to rate your and your sisters photos. Yeah we are in lockdown to, hope y’all stay safe. I’m still birding of course.

  5. Oaklynn Price says:

    Thank You!

  6. Micah Grove says:

    Yeah! Your welcome. Forgot to say I was doing good, how are you?

  7. Oaklynn price says:

    I’m good! I’m a homeschooler so It is easier for me to adjust to staying at home. But I still miss my friends and My book club.

  8. thegbird says:

    poor thing!!!!:'(

  9. Coco Quinn says:

    So sorry i haven’t answered! I forgot all about this post, especially after i changed my profile name to my actual name. I’m not really sure what happened to this guy. I’m guessing he might have got attacked or caught in a fence. I haven’t seen this guy ever since, so I’m sadly not sure if he made it.

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