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Danna Malcolm

Pflugerville, TX, USA


These birds flew in about 2 weeks ago and came through in waves every couple of days (or so it seemed). There were at a minimum of 25 in a flock, possibly more. I am inexperienced and don’t know the rules of birdwatching. I just watch birds and love to take pictures. Well, I had assumed they were Starlings, but then my sister who watches birds more seriously than I do, thought possible Purple Finches. But, then, because the birds were feeding on the ground that did not seem a correct id. I finally found Lark Buntings seemed similar, but it is really hard to tell from the pictures online. The pictures in my Birds of Texas were more similar.



Just Passing Through

I am actually trying to identify this bird. The arrived in numbers I could not count......from 25 to 50 birds. They only stayed a few days or there were several waves of them passing through. I am assuming they are migratory birds. I thought they were Starlings, but my sister disagreed and named Purple Finches, but then eliminated that choice because they were feeding on the ground. I kind of think they are Lark Buntings, but the images I find online are confusing, to say the least.

2 responses to “Just passing through”

  1. Emlynn M says:

    They look like they could be female Red-winged Blackbirds to me, though it would be somewhat odd (as you usually don’t see a flock that large of like-gender birds.) If you’re still interested, I’d recommend looking more into that as an option 🙂

  2. Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

    Hi Danna, These are female Red-winged Blackbirds. Males migrate first in the spring, and females arrive later to breeding grounds, so it seems plausible they would all be migrating together in a flock (as males do).

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