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Texas Bird Family

Katy, TX, USA


We visited the Killdeer nest. We found destroyed eggs. The mother was in a nearby field yelling. Poor Mrs. Deer! What do you think has eaten the babies? Please see my post showing the destroyed eggs.


Killdeer Deer Nest Failure!

Nest visits (I had to make the computer screen smaller to fit them all in one snip)

3 responses to “Killdeer Deer Nest Failure!”

  1. Caleb Koser says:

    We had a killdeer nest also. Someone tripped and broke the 4 eggs.

  2. Paula Bastian-De Leon says:

    This makes me so sad. I honestly don’t understand how ground nests survive with the likely chance of being discovered or accidentally stepped upon. I was surprised to learn that many birds nest on the ground.

    • Texas Bird Family says:

      I have seen 3 Killdeer nests. Sadly only one made it, all 4 eggs hatched, and the young fledged. The father was trying to fight off a water snake so hopefully he did!

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