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Sharon Moore

New Albany, OH, United States


I monitor a Bluebird Trail here at Bob Evans Farms headquarters in New Albany, OH. While out checking nestboxes, I observed an adult Killdeer running ahead of me. Upon further investigation, I found it’s nest with, at that time, one egg. There eventually were 4 eggs in the nest and they have since hatched. It’s been fun for all of us here to watch the development of the hatchlings as they explore the campus!


Killdeer Nest At Bob Evans Farms, Inc. Headquarters In New Albany, OH

Killdeer nest with 4 eggs. June 2016. New Albany, OH

2 responses to “Killdeer nest at Bob Evans Farms, Inc. headquarters in New Albany, OH”

  1. Drew B. says:

    Nice find killdeer are very pretty birds especially when they do their broken wing act

  2. Melinda B. says:

    I have a Killdeer that is sitting on four eggs along a ditch in my front yard. I have seen the broken wing act, and it is very funny.

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