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Paula Thomas

Ferrisburgh, VT, USA


Birds nesting in the porch rafters and stone corners of the historic lakefront Hawley House ~ Kingsland Bay State Park ~ Ferrisburgh, VT.



Lakefront Nesting

Not sure who this is. Built nest in corner of old lakefront stone house in Ferrisburgh Vt ~ Kingsland State Park.

8 responses to “Lakefront nesting”

  1. If your in ferrisburgh,vermont & that,s east, so that bird looks like in eastern pheobe & they like to nest in places like that.& you will be able to tell what kind of bird it is & its because of how they flick their tail,they flick their tail twice every 3 seconds so now you know what bird it is.

  2. it look like an eastern pheobe

  3. Ella McGlaughlin says:

    Nice finds! The nest built in the corner of the stone house is an eastern phoebe! They’re super interesting birds that often nest on ledges and posts in/on man made structures, (similar to how robins sometimes nest) and phoebes build their nests using moss. They also frequently nest near the edges of water bodies.

  4. Paula says:

    Thank-you everyone..always learning something new and interesting on nestwatch.

  5. Texas Bird Family says:

    Looks like an Eastern Phoebe

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