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Micah Grove

Heath, MT, USA


This is a leucistic Eurasian Collared-Dove. Use this link to learn a little about Leucism and other abnormalitys in birds…



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Leucistic Eurasian Collared-Dove

13 responses to “Leucistic Eurasian Collared-Dove”

  1. Coco Quinn says:

    WOW! You saw this?! This is amazing! What a gift to be able to photograph such a beautiful bird!

  2. Micah Grove says:

    Yep sure did! At first I thought it was a white Feral Pigeon(Rock Pigeon) Glad I took the photo.

  3. Kaelis N. says:

    So cool! I’ve seen an albino Rock Pigeon, but never this!

  4. Coco Quinn says:


  5. Micah Grove says:

    Kaelis are you sure it was not a leucistic Rock Pigeon, Leucism is much more common.

  6. Coco Quinn says:

    I agree with Micah, albino Rock Pigeons are the rarest form of Pigeon.

  7. Kaelis N. says:

    I’m pretty sure it was albino. I saw it last year with a large flock of other pigeons near a highway. It looked to be all white. I love that Rock Doves (Pigeons) can be different shades and dark colors.

  8. Coco Quinn says:

    Did you get to see it up close? And are you sure it was albino? Btw please don’t think that we are doubting what you saw, if you say you saw it i believe you!

  9. Kaelis N. says:

    I’m pretty certain that it was albino. I didn’t get very close to it because it was near a highway, but I saw all white from my angle.

  10. Coco Quinn says:

    Okay, sorry for all the trouble! I totally believe you! Congrats on seeing a really rare and awesome bird!

  11. Kaelis N. says:


  12. I saw this exact coloration in an Eurasian collared dove among the flock we have outside our home in Falcon, Colorado. I also noticed small patch of faint light cream spots or mottling atop a few lower feathers. With camera ready, I hope to get a photo. They are really skittish so may have to photograph from inside window. Really stunning!

  13. Texas Bird Family says:

    I saw a very light Eurasian collared dove. She visits our feeder. She is almost white. Not albino.

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