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Fayetteville, AR, USA


I think about a week ago we had a female hummer get stuck in our garage. She just kept hitting the ceiling and she wouldn’t go down. Now it’s happened again. I’m going to move everything red or yellow away from the entrance of the garage when she’s gone. She keeps landing on some fishing poles we have for a couple of seconds and then flying around for a couple of seconds. I got our feeder and she landed on one of the perches while she drank. That was neat, I could see every little detail of her feathers. I feel so bad for her. Right now we’re just leaving her alone to see if she’ll go lower.



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Species: Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Little Hummer Stuck In Our Garage, AGAIN

Poor little hummer

5 responses to “Little hummer stuck in our garage, AGAIN”

  1. Texas Bird Family says:

    Do you keep your garage door closed? If it’s closed then she can’t fly in there. I’d put a feeder near the entrance of the garage.

  2. What kind is it?only the ruby-throated hummingbird live on the eastern side of the mississippi river,but you don’t live on the eastern side,so.

  3. Ava Johnson says:

    Yeah, it was a Ruby-Throated Hummingbird. My mom hung our feeder by the garage door and it finally went to the feeder and then flew out. We leave the garage door open because we’re constantly doing stuff outside.

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