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Burlington, VT, USA


This bird is very red…lousy picture. It is checking out the previously used nest in the top of the wreath. I don’t think it’s a male HF because it actually sat and the nest and wiggled around like females do. I’ll try to get a better pic . Is it another type of finch?? 5-7-23

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Looking for a home 5-7-23

3 responses to “Looking”

  1. Ava says:

    That’s a male House Finch. The only other bird it could be is a male Purple Finch, but it doesn’t look like one.

  2. Paula says:

    I would tend to agree…never seen a male HF clean out and sit in a previously used HF nest.
    Especially when there is a female HF incubating her eggs in a lower nest in the same wreath.
    Talk about a housing shortage! 5-8-23

  3. Texas Bird Family says:

    That’s a male House Finch, females are not red. He was probably just trying to build the nest.

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