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robin ellison

Napa, CA, USA


She made her nest in the parking lot median of a busy downtown hotel. Wildlife Rescue had assessed the situation and determined it was best not to move her. After an anxious month, the eggs were hatched one morning, and the family made their way to the river via the walkway that evening. I was so happy to be there for that moment!

Mallard Family Hatched And Headed For River 5/5/18

Mallard family hatched and headed for river

2 responses to “Mallard family hatched and headed for river 5/5/18”

  1. Paula says:

    Ha! I wonder what possessed her to nest there?:-)?

  2. Carol says:

    My daughter just helped a mallard and her ten ducklings cross two streets (with the help of a truck driver who stopped traffic with his truck), She had to rescue one duckling that fell through a grate on the way. Momma duck waited patiently for him to join them on the march to the river. Her first choice of entry to the river involved a jump of a few feet. After much coaching on her part and a great deal of reluctance and complaining on their part she jumped back up and led them to a lower section of wall. All ten them followed her in and the family swam off.

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