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Cheryl Szeluga

Loudon, TN, United States


Breeding birds

Mama Carolina Chickadee W/5 Eggs

Mama Black-Capped Chickadee in nest with 5 eggs

3 responses to “Mama Carolina Chickadee w/5 eggs”

  1. Cheryl Szeluga says:

    Got a better look at the eggs today and they are reddish brown so I now believe my first thought was correct they are Carolina Chickadee eggs not Black-Capped Chickadee’s.

    • Robyn Bailey says:

      The eggs of both species are very similar. In your area, the most likely species is Carolina Chickadee, but you’re not too far from the hybrid zone. See if you can listen for the song.

  2. Cheryl Szeluga says:

    Yes, we’ve been able to see the mama come in and out and her coloring while so close to the Black-Capped Chickadee is definitely favoring the Carolina Chickadee. Will listen closely this weekend!!

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