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Glory McCoy

Pageland, SC, United States


I’ve never had a blue bird try to nose dive my face before while trying to get a few pictures. I am very quick and I don’t touch anything. This birdhouse is in my everyday life and there is no way not to pass by it. But this mother is so aggressive! Several times she’s flown down straight at my face from up in a tree. She’s always watching me,apparently. Now I’m even more careful as to not make her feel that her young is in danger. But I do have to be able to access my yard! She chose to build in a high traffic area,and I’m so excited to experience the life of these birds. However,not so much at the expense of my face being rearranged! Anyone ever experience anything similar?


Melodys Blue Bird Eggs

These are Melodys four bluebird eggs.

5 responses to “Melodys blue bird eggs”

  1. Robyn Bailey says:

    Interesting. I’ve never had bluebirds be aggressive when I do my nest checks. The most they would do is fly overhead chirping at me.

    • Glory says:

      Oopsie…. I replied to your comment. I didn’t see the actual reply link until afterwards. Lol. You can see my reply on my picture page. ?

    • Glory says:

      You know,when the nest was being built and she was laying her eggs,she couldn’t have cared less that I was around. She was very calm and quite trusting. I don’t know why that changed. It’s actually discouraging! I’m hoping she calms down a bit. It’s to the point that when I walk outside she tries to fly in my face. I don’t even have to be near her house.

  2. Glory says:

    I know. Me neither. I’ve had several build in my yard. In fact,several brood in this very birdhouse over and over. This mama is just on high alert for some reason. I feel terrible that she’s so stressed. I’ve been staying away. Hoping that would help her to know that I’m not a threat. Pictures are not that important! But they are a blessing! Thank you for your response. God bless you.

  3. Glory says:

    Unfortunately,I found a big black snake in Melodys house last night. He had already eaten her and her four eggs. I was devastated! I’ve had several blue birds successful complete in this house. It’s 5 feet up off the ground. In a pine tree. I know snakes can climb,but just didn’t expect it. Any advice on how to ensure this never happens again? I’m certain another blue bird pair will attempt soon. It’s as if there’s a waiting list for this particular house.

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