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Heather Mcmaster

Tuscaloosa, AL, United States


Not sure what she is. Maybe someone can help me! I’m pretty positive she laid her eggs on Easter.


Momma Peep Bird Nest

3 responses to “Momma peep bird nest”

  1. Robyn Bailey says:

    This is an Eastern Phoebe.

    • FB says:

      Thank you for identifying this bird- I had some confusion about one of ours because I can’t see her well- thought she was a swallow by the eggs but it is a Phoebe

  2. Arlene Roper says:

    I’m so jealous here in GA. An Eastern Phoebe was hanging out around my house in February. It was so friendly! It would perch on my finger or shoulder and ate the worms I threw out while weeding my flowerbeds. I was hoping it would hang out for the summer but I haven’t seen it since. Maybe it came to live with you! 🙂 Just another reason to miss my college hometown. RTR

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