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Amy Dessert

Wylie, TX, United States


Nests in boxes

Mr. Bluebird Gets An Earful

"I said, just get the things on the list!"

2 responses to “Mr. Bluebird Gets an Earful”

  1. John Hill says:

    Due to the lack of space I want to mount my bluebird box on my clothes line 4×4 wooden post. The line does not get used much anymore, maybe two or three times a week and always in the afternoon. We would be hanging the clothes on the opposite side approximately between 15 and 25 feet. Would this discourage the bluebird from nesting? Please respond ASAP as I want to mount the ASAP. Thank you.

    • Amy Dessert says:

      I am so sorry I did not reply earlier. I did not realize I had to go to my picture to see comments. Anyway, you could try mounting the box there and see what happens. We mow around our bluebird box weekly and they do not seem to be bothered by that. However, we put up a second box on the opposite side of our house from where the current box is, and there is a lot more human activity on that side. No birds have used that box.

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