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John Kekar

Rio Rancho, NM, United States


Every year I get these birds that build their nests on my patio area which is covered by lattice work. I’ve always wondered, exactly what kind of birds these are. jman3005


Name These Birds – House Wren Or Finches

Is this a House Wren or a Finch?

2 responses to “Name These Birds – House Wren or Finches”

  1. Searra says:

    Hi these are House Finches. In your second picture you can see the males red head but the third picture is also a male. I am guessing in your first picture that is the female, but nice pictures and here is a website to there identification, and a website for what wrens.

  2. Texas Bird Family says:

    The first picture is a female House Finch. The other two are males. The males have red and the females are brown.

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