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Kristin Webb

Garfield, AR, United States


This is my first nestwatch attempt. It’s also my first bluebird nest box, built by my uncle. I am not positive yet what is building because I have not been able to observe the birds going in or out of the box. It doesn’t appear to have twigs, and there is a bit of animal fur or feathers there – I am afraid to touch anything because I don’t want to mess up the progress. Trying to only check and get away as fast as possible. Hopefully, we’ll have some eggs soon!

I’m a little nervous but I had the box up about two weeks and decided to check it last week and there were two little pieces of grass in it. The nest is coming along.

I just would really like to see the bird coming or going so I can know what type of bird I have building!


Nests in boxes

Nest In Progress

A nest in progress! You can see the addition of the animal fur or feathers that was added. At least I know progress is happening in my little bluebird box (even though I haven't been able to see the bird coming or going yet to verify what is actually building the nest).

2 responses to “Nest in Progress”

  1. Robyn Bailey says:

    Hope you spot the “architect” soon! Have fun with your first ever NestWatch.

  2. Timothy Milback says:

    I’m not completely positive, but this looks a bit like an invasive House Sparrow nest. It’s hard to tell what bird is using the nest box in the early stages.

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