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Paula Thomas

Burlington, Vermont, USA


As of this morning the previous 5 baby finches left the nest. The parents returned several times checking out different places on the wreath. Later in the day I checked the nest and I was surprised to find one tiny Finch egg. I don’t know if this is the start of a new brood or an egg from the previous brood that didn’t hatch. I will check tomorrow to see if there is another egg.

New Brood Of Finches In Christmas Wreath?

New egg in old nest? Do finches re use their nests?

2 responses to “New brood of finches in Christmas wreath?”

  1. thegbird says:

    what kind of finches are they?

    • Paula thomas says:

      Hi ,
      They are house finches. As of this writing 8-15-21 I’m enjoying alot of hummingbird activity in my yard!

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