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Burlington, VT


Red breasted nuthatch, Black capped chickadee, and hummer cooling off in the sprayer mist on Dogwood.
Hummer hard to see, but she’s there! So cute to watch them rub themselves all over the wet leaves.



Nuthatch, Chickadee, Hummer

Red breasted nuthatch

8 responses to “Nuthatch, Chickadee, Hummer”

  1. Ava Johnson says:

    Cute Hummer! I’ve never seen a hummingbird bathe in person but I’ve watched videos of them bathing and it’s so cute!😍

  2. Texas Bird Family says:

    What lovely birds! I’d love to have chickadees at our feeders!

  3. Paula says:

    Hope to post a better pic of the hummingbird bathing ~ they really get into it!


    Any ideas on how to attract Chickadees?

  5. Paula says:

    We have chickadees year round in Vermont. I put out wild birdseed & suet more so in winter. I plant lots of native plants to attract different birds. Good Luck!

    • Texas Bird Family says:

      We have birdseed and suet (we have 17 or more bird feeders!😂) but still no chickadees… 😢

      • Ava Johnson says:

        Maybe you don’t have the type of habitat they like.

        • TEXAS BIRD FAMILY says:

          We do. We see them sometimes in the neighborhood and very rarely in our front yard trees but they never come to our feeders in the backyard… We put up feeders in the front yard so hopefully this will help…

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