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Donna Barski

Arcade, NY, United States


I was walking my dog in our mixed woodlands when a small bird suddenly ran away, as if injured. I lost track of the bird. The next day, the same situation occurred. This time I looked around the area and found the Ovenbird’s ground nest, filled with three eggs. This was a most exciting find as I never dreamed I would ever find this specie’s nest. I went back later and took a photo of the female looking at me. Of course, I made sure I left the area a soon as possible. Now, I await the hatching day. And all the while, I will be very nervous because many predators roam our woods, including feral cats.


Unusual nests


Ovenbird In Nest

Ovenbird in Nest

One response to “Ovenbird in Nest”

  1. Robyn Bailey says:

    Great find!

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