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Donna Barski

Arcade, NY, United States


I first came to the area around 2PM on 6/6 and took photos of the Ovenbird in the nest. (Submitted a photo.) I returned about 2-3 minutes later. Now the Ovenbird was standing beside her nest. She remained still. I left after taking a few photos. It was a thrill and relief to see her still monitoring her nest. This morning I saw a large disturbed area of leaves about 30 feet from the nest. I believe a wild turkey was scratching around for something to eat. My husband and I have seen a large turkey in our woods and in this area on our critter cams. I’m sure that bird eggs and nestlings are on its menu.

I’m a nervous Nestwatcher. The odds of success seem stacked against this Ovenbird, given the number of predators that roam about in our woods.


Unusual nests


Ovenbird Standing By Nest

Ovenbird standing beside her nest.

2 responses to “Ovenbird Standing By Nest”

  1. Hamna says:

    It’s so great that a lot of people have joined nestwatch and care about these birds! Don’t give up and pray for the best!!

  2. Paula says:

    Hi, Donna! Would it be possible, (or a good idea??), to put some kind of fencing around the nest for protection? I am thinking of the wire garden fencing with openings big enough for smaller birds, but a barrier against larger predators…
    I know how you feel! A couple of neighborhood cats come under our fence at night to roam around the property when no one is around and I am always anxious about the safety of our nesting birds and fledglings! Best of luck to this little bird…

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