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Ilinca Harja Iliescu

București, Romania

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Partially-feathered Eurasian Tree Sparrows

What a look!

4 responses to “Partially-feathered Eurasian Tree Sparrows”

  1. birdlover says:

    COOL, i was hoping you would post another update on those sparrow chicks!

  2. birdlover says:

    COOL! my house sparrow nest i’ve been monitering had three eggs! sadly one egg was stolen but the other 2 eggs hatched! I was also out on a walk and there was a eastern bluebird egg on the ground? there was no nest boxes nearby to return it too so i used my phone light to look inside the egg. There ended up being no embryo inside so i decided to place it inside the sparrow nest and see what happens. AND GUESS WHAT? AFTER 2 WHOLE WEEKS ITS STARTING TO HATCH!!!!

  3. birdlover says:


  4. birdlover says:


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