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TheG Bird

Hillsboro, WI, USA


This nest is in the rafters of our barn which is a small building with no door providing good flying access. The nest is built right alongside another Robin nest that i am pretty sure never got used.


Open cup nests


Precious Robin Eggs

2 responses to “Precious robin eggs”

  1. Nualnapa B. Brown says:

    I found this beautiful Robin egg on the ground while watering my plants at the backyard. It has a little hold, but still I could see the unbroken film inside. The egg is not dented or broken. I’m afraid other animal would get it, so I picked it up and tried to wrapped around and used cotton ball to lay this egg and covered with another piece of cotton ball. I put in the basket and give it some heat from a mobile small heater that has thermostat in it. I don’t know wheter it already dead or still alive. How could I tell. This must be 12 days already I don’t hear any shrub. Could you help me with my question, what should I do? I like your website since it gives knowledge about Robin and other birds.

    • Holly Grant, Project Assistant says:

      Hi Nualnapa, Any eggs found out of a nest are almost certainly non-viable. Bird eggs need to be incubated nearly constantly in order to hatch. Attempts by humans to raise wild birds almost always fail – the birds need special diets and need to be fed constantly – humans can’t keep up. Further, complications and disease may arise if they don’t get the correct nutrients. Even if a bird were to make it to the fledgling stage, it would still be unable to released to the wild, as young at this stage normally learn critical survival skills from their parents. In North America, it is also against federal law to possess a wild bird, eggs, or their nests. The best thing to do here is to return the egg to nature in a place where it won’t attract predators to any other active nests you may have present.

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