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Dale Conway

Monett, MO, United States


Red-headed woodpecker nested in one of my bluebird boxes. The male opened the hole to a little more than 2 inches and moved in. I’ll leave it this way and see if the woodpeckers use it again next year.


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Species: Red-headed Woodpecker

Red-headed Woodpecker

Red-headed woodpecker - few days old

2 responses to “Red-headed woodpecker”

  1. Al Cerrato says:

    My woodpeckers are in the nest box in the mornings when I wake up. I took a photo but it came out not so good because of the screen and it was foggy. More to come. I have the plexiglass back so it will be good when chicks hatch if they do. Like you said, come spring something will nest there. Are Starlings nesting birds? When I was a kid, they came in to our attic window via broken glass and got caught between the glass and the regular window and died. It happened a lot. My father never got that broken glass fixed.

    • Dale Conway says:

      Starlings are a bird that will use the nest box. However, most people discourage starlings from nesting. Starlings will nest in a box with a 1 9/16 inch hole or larger. They don’t seem to enter a one and a half inch hole.

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