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Jeff Kozma

Naches, WA, United States


I found this American Robin nesting on the ground at the base of a ponderosa pine sapling. Robins are known to nest on the ground in the plains and in Alaska. However, in my study area there are many ponderosa pine trees for robins to nest in. Why this bird chose to nest on the ground is a mystery. The nest was ultimately successful.


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Robin Nest On The Ground

American Robin nesting on the ground

One response to “Robin Nest on the Ground”

  1. Bryce says:

    Hello, we had a pair of Robins nest in the wheel housing of our tractor last year, which seemed a good place as it was very sheltered, off the ground by two feet and after I notice the nest, I didn’t start the tractor until after the nest was vacant. However this year we have two ground nesting Robins, one under our front porch step and another in our back hedgerow in some long grass under a shrub. I wonder if the two ground nests belong to the two fledglings from last year as they were brought up in an odd nest location.

    Very interesting article.

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