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Claire Martin

Virginia Beach, VA, USA


American Robin nestlings


Robin’s Nestlings

Nest is very low to ground in a tree close to our home. Mom/Dad Robin's stay close by and are finding tons of worms. Watching them is a joy!

3 responses to “Robin’s Nestlings”

  1. Martha Davis says:

    I hope there are no cats nearby that might want to come and “visit”!

  2. Helen Allison says:

    Has anyone ever said they sighted an albino robin? I think I saw one! I see robin ofter in my yard, etc, and saw one in a baseball field the other day. It had a orangey breast and the rest of it was white. Was running on the ground like robins do. Pecking at the ground. I tried to get close enough to get a photo but it would fly away. I nearly know it was an albino robin!!

    • Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

      Hi Helen, Seeing an oddly colored bird is indeed exciting! The robin you describe sounds like it has a version of leucism, a condition where not every pigment is lost. Leucism can affect parts of or the entirety of an animal. While Albino individuals are white all over with red eyes, leucistic individuals generally have some color still – take a look at our Unusual Birds page to read more on color variants in birds.

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