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sarah gates

Albion, Illinois, USA


Found in old wood garage building, easily accessible to animals. My two questions are
a) bird or rodent
b) which way up? ( I didn’t collect it)


Nests in boxes


Rodent Or Bird?

The actual indentation in the pile of organic material appears to be only about 4" deep

4 responses to “rodent or bird?”

  1. Ava says:

    Honestly I’m not really sure. It was probably some type of rodent like a mouse or rat since a bird nest usually is built with the cup in the middle. But some birds do build their nests in piles like that so it could very well be a bird.

  2. Holly Grant, Project Assistant says:

    Hi Sarah, This is a Carolina Wren nest. Rodents usually have much more in the way of leaves, seeds, junk (plastic, etc.) and/or fluffy material (think insulation, cattail fluff, etc.).

    Carolina Wrens are versatile nesters; nests have been found in mailboxes, garages, old bots, upturned flowerpots, etc. They often build a dome over the top of the nest – the cup-shape would be the entrance area in your photos. Your first photo depicts how I would have expected the box to be oriented while the bird built the nest.


    Carolina Wren nest

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