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Bucktoe Creek Preserve (Jill Kennard)

Kennett Square, PA, United States


This photo is from inside a wood duck box on Bucktoe Creek Preserve


Nests in boxes

Rufous Eastern Screech Owls

Rufous Eastern Screech Owls

4 responses to “Rufous Eastern Screech Owls”

  1. Robyn Bailey says:

    Very cool, and I bet quite a surprise when you looked in expecting to find ducks! It looks like they’re nesting on top of an old starling nest.

    • Jill Kennard says:

      I was surprised – I expected it to be empty and was going to clean it out. It had a squirrel’s nest in it, so I put up a predator guard to keep the squirrels out and then owls moved in! So they’re nesting on an old squirrel nest, the feathers are “dinner scraps”.

      This is my second year maintaining duck boxes and no wood duck nests so far – but, this is the second screech owl nest. And screech owls roost in the boxes all the time.

  2. Robyn Bailey says:

    I wish I could get screech-owls to nest in the box I put out for them. They’ve only roosted in it so far.

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