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Ryan Tracy

Markle, IN, USA


In the end…I think this is what happened…1 egg,3 hatchlings…I believe,since the last egg was laid much later than the first three,after hatching,the other three chicks buried it and it was forgotten…3 hatchlings,one perished…after hatching,the bigger of the three,trying to stay warm in the absence of the parents,wound up on top of the weakest,thus accidentally suffocating it. And lastly…2 chicks,both perished…last night,and the day before,we had 2 and 3/4 inches of rain in about 8 to 10 hours,in which totally filled the nest,thus drowning them both.I personally want to thank Ms Robyn,Ms Holly from Nestwatch,and also thank Ms Micah (if you’re male…then Mr Micah),my great follower through all of this. Now,I will relocate my focus back to my hummers…again…thank you all….and until next time…keep watching!


Open cup nests

Sadly…It Comes Down To This…

4 responses to “Sadly…It comes down to this…”

  1. Samantha L'Ecuyer says:

    Aaaw that’s too bad 🙁

  2. Robyn Bailey says:

    Sorry to hear about this. They were so close to fledging, I can’t believe they didn’t just leave the nest when it filled up with water.

  3. Mr Micah says:

    Im so sorry:(

  4. Ava Johnson says:

    That’s so sad, such a terrible way for a nesting attempt to end

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