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Howard Weber

Novato, California, United States


I have had a Barn Owl Nesting Box on the edge of my property for about 3 years….but no Barn Owls. Given the apparent lack of interest, I was about to relocate the box, when I was very pleasantly surprised to find a Western Screech Owl had taken up residency! I had no idea if it was nesting or just roosting, until I noticed (on a discreet wireless cam which is the source of all pics) several eggs, then one owlet, then two – – so far! The first two owlets hatched last week. Still hoping to see more…and looking forward to watching them develop.


Nests in boxes

Screech Owl Surprise!

One response to “Screech Owl Surprise!”

  1. Hailey says:

    This owl is so cute. It looks precious with its eyes barely open.

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