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David Campbell

Azusa, CA, USA


I was hoping to spot the eagles. Last week there was no sight of them, but the mudslides had made the drive treacherous and the rain was thundering, so I couldn’t get out of the car that week. This week I was heading out of skid row in downtown Los Angeles where I do charity dental care. I was heading out there early at 4pm and with the sun setting, I thought I might have a chance to check the nest before dusk. Besides I could see Mount Baldy’s snow cap and thought it would look great if the eagles were there. No luck, but enough light at dusk and no rain for the first time in days, so I got out for a search. SUCCESS!


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Searching For Eagle Near Nest.

There is no room to maneuver between the high road fence and the highway with a thin turnout and it's a phone camera, but I got the snow capped mountains and the nest in the same shot here. The post storm sky has interesting hues. No eagle, yet, til I started searching the hills around me. Nest on the left and snow on the right.

2 responses to “Searching for eagle near nest.”

  1. MIcah says:

    The land scape is great and the back ground is good two. I want to become a photographer of birds and other wild life.

  2. Ava Johnson says:

    I’m a wildlife photographer (not professional) and I can tell you it’s a lot of fun. If you love nature, and you have the money to buy the supplies, then go for it!

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