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Martha Davis

Lawrence, IN, USA


We have 3 nest boxes is the yard. Each year the Bluebird pair has a first brood in this same box but this is the first year we have had 6 eggs!


Breeding birds

Six Eastern Bluebird Eggs!

Six Eastern Bluebird Eggs! We have had bluebirds use this box each year but this is the first time they have started nesting in March and is also the first time we have had six eggs!

3 responses to “Six Eastern Bluebird Eggs!”

  1. Jessica says:

    Martha, I work for a County Conservation Board in Iowa and we are looking at putting camera’s in our bluebird boxes, could you please tell me what camera you have/where you got it? Thank you!

  2. Martha Davis says:

    The camera that we have has been very dependable. It is manufactured by a company called Nest (no kidding!). We are using one of their Indoor varieties. We cover the electronics very well with plastic and use a heavy duty exterior extension cord. The company requires that you subscribe to their service if you want to save the data that you collect or if you want to share it on the web with others. We do subscribe to this, but I cancel it when the breeding year ends. I purchased this camera from a BigBox electronics store. My email is if you want to email me I can provide you with a link so you, too can watch the house sparrows currently trying to nest in our box!

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