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Ava Johnson

Fayetteville, AR, USA


Tanager nest with 3 nestlings. One appears to have a redder gape than the others. There is no obvious size or color difference.


Open cup nests


Summer Tanager Nest

The nestling in the front that is stretching its neck up, is it a brown-headed cowbird? It appears to have a redder gape (inside of mouth) than the other nestlings. No obvious size difference. (Sorry for bad photo quality)

3 responses to “Summer Tanager Nest”

  1. Ava Johnson says:

    UPDATE: It is a Brown-Headed Cowbird nestling. It has a red mouth and it begs more aggressively than the other nestlings.

    • Robyn Bailey says:

      I would agree with you. As the chick matures, notice if the area around the eyes remains unfeathered for longer than the other chicks. Like other blackbirds, this is a noticeable feature (i.e., an otherwise feathered chick with a prominent “naked” eye ring).

  2. Ava Johnson says:

    They’ve all fledged now, the Cowbird actually fledged last, much to my surprise.

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