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christine smith

Gilbertsville, PA, United States


i went around to make sure the bird boxes were free of mice and squirrels and sadly found this box occupied. It historically has had blue birds for 6 years. The box is located in the middle of an open area down sloping to a creek. The area had 20 degree temps for a couple of nights so I can only assume that these were “southern birds” . because we have Blue birds most of the winter at my feeders.There was no visible trauma , There eyes were sunken in . No ants or other bugs present.


Nests in boxes

The Cold Was Stronger Than The Pair

early nesters caught on a cold night

2 responses to “the cold was stronger than the pair”

  1. Carol Wilson says:

    Oh I am so sorry. I have never sent his before thankfully. I have had broken eggs but never this. So very sorry. Nature can be cruel.

  2. Barbara Hostetler says:

    So very sad ….I live in Schwenksville, and so know the cold you referenced. So odd to have them pass like that …..

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