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Mindy Musick King

Brighton, Colorado


Baby birds have been abundant in Adams County Colorado, including Burrowing Owlets and Yellow Warbler fledglings. The Yellow Warbler baby was photographed at Barr Lake State Park, and the Burrowing Owls were photographed in Prairie Dog towns in Adams County.



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The Cutest Babies In Colorado

Spread Your Wings and Fly! (Yellow Warbler Fledgling)

13 responses to “The cutest babies in Colorado”

  1. Debra miller says:

    Love the exprssions and colors.

  2. Susan Martin says:

    Absolutely fabulous!

  3. Robyn Bailey says:

    You should consider submitting these to our Home Tweet Home photo contest here: You can submit up to 4 photos across any of the categories.

  4. Lenie Vessey says:

    All adorable, but the Three Amigos have it by “a feather”! Great shots!!

  5. NP says:

    awwww! sooooooooo cute! awesome pics!

  6. Rona Patel says:

    Very cuuuuuute!!!

  7. Kaelis N. says:

    I love owls!!

  8. Texas Bird Family says:

    The first picture is the cutest! What cute birds!

  9. Texas Bird Family says:

    That Yellow Warbler is so cute!

  10. Ægis says:

    Absolutely adorable, that first baby yellow warbler photo is exceptional! Great capture.

  11. S. Avery says:

    I have yellow warblers in my flower garden and trees in west Tennessee!! They have built a nest in a metal birdhouse!!! I am so excited. 💃💃

    • Holly Grant, Project Assistant says:

      Hi, Yellow Warblers are not cavity nesters and so do not typically build nests inside nest boxes (birdhouses). If you have photos of these birds and their nest, please share them to the gallery!

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