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Caleb Koser

Christiansburg, VA, USA


Open cup nests

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There Might Be Such Thing As A Rock Pigeon I Think!/ID Please!

ID please!!

9 responses to “There might be such thing as a rock pigeon I think!/ID please!”

  1. Ava Johnson says:

    There is such thing as a Rock Pigeon, but they’re also called Rock Doves. Might be a Robin nest, I’m not really sure.

  2. Texas Bird Family says:

    That’s a rock pigeon on the highway. Rock Pigeons nest in cliffs or highways too.

  3. But there might be such thing as a rock dove. Plus,I know what the species is.

  4. I know they nest near there,it’s just that I can’t take a picture because were moving in car.Anyway we stopped at a stoplight.That was a chance to take a photo.

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