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Christopher Marks

Graham, NC, United States


Third brood of the season.


Nests in boxes

Third Round Of Bluebirds – 2015

The completed clutch

One response to “Third round of bluebirds – 2015”

  1. Lynne Bernstein says:

    I’m curious to know the date of this clutch – I have a pair that is raising its nestlings right now, August 12! This is really late, in my experience, up here in New York. We have only about 60 days before a possible frost. The male of the pair had 2 previous clutches this season, staring in April. The first clutch failed to fledge because the female was captured by a hawk. The second clutch was destroyed by house wrens. So this is his third try – but I think it’s a completely different female this time around.

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