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Slinger, WI, USA

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This Little Guy Likes Staring Contests!

Male Mourning Dove guarding his nest.

4 responses to “This little guy likes staring contests!”

  1. Jordan P says:


  2. Owls3.0 says:

    I know right??!! The parents wouldn’t get off the nest the past two times I checked it, but now the chick is so big they can’t sit on the nest! I used to have to open the top of my window, take a mini camera and reach as far out and as high as I could go to get a picture! Otherwise I wouldn’t have known how many eggs were in the nest! This hasn’t been a good nesting season so far for me. Two nests have failed and I’ve only found 5 nests all year.

  3. Jordan P says:

    Oh that’s sad! I hope this nest is a success! Beautiful photos BTW!

  4. Owls3.0 says:

    This one is a success! The baby just left the nest this morning and is following its mom around. It is super rainy out so they are trying to find shelter, but there isn’t any on my deck!

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