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Lisa Howell

Berryville, VA, United States


Nests in boxes


Tree Swallow Nestlings

Tree Swallow Nestlings

2 responses to “Tree Swallow nestlings”

  1. Donna Holton says:

    I am editing the Calgary Alberta Bluebird and Tree Swallow Nest Box Monitor Report for 2020. The group monitors > 5,000 boxes. A question has come up about what are the correct definitions for a number of terms.
    Hatchling (has varied from newly hatched to birds 0-3 days old)
    Nestling (varies from bird unable to leave box to birds 3-13 days old (bluebirds and TRES
    Fledgling.. has full flight feathers to bird > 13 days old to able to fly but parents continue to look after

    For MOBL and TRES can you please tell what the definitions are .. thanks so much

    • Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

      Hi Donna, please email us at with questions about data entry, as these comments are not regularly monitored. When entering data for NestWatch you should not need to differentiate between hatchlings and nestlings – simply report what you observe at each nest check. A fledgling is simply a bird that has left the nest and is ready to be on its own. It does not refer to the amount of feathers the bird has nor is tied to a specific day (though each species does have an average number of days that it takes to fledge). Once nestlings fledge from the nest, the nest attempt should be summarized and ended. If you have questions about how long different species eggs need to be incubated, or how long the chicks are brooded in the nest on average, please use our Common Nesting Birds tool here. Click on each bird’s page to see more details.

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