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Bob Cooper

Hermitage Road, Calgary, AB, Canada


Tree Swallows will take a feather dropped for them during nest building season. How about, Yes they will even take them from your hand?” Cool 🙂




Tree Swallow Taking A Feather

Yep, I need this one for the nest.

3 responses to “Tree Swallow taking a feather”

  1. Wow! A great picture and experience.

  2. Caroline Soles says:

    That looks like an Eurasian Ringneck feather!!!
    Love all three of your photos!!!
    I live just north of High River near Aldersyde and am about to upload a friends picture of a Northern Saw-Whet Owl in my back yard.
    First one in my life!!!

  3. Kristen Brown says:

    Such cool shots!! Thanks for sharing!!

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