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9114 Katy Hockley Rd, Katy, TX 77493, USA


We visited the nest later than we wanted today, (Almost dusk) we thought that the mother would be there. When we saw there was no mother we took the video of the nest and saw, it was empty! The nest wasn’t damaged so was probably a Blue Jay, Crow, or squirrel. Hopefully, we can find another nest to watch soon.


Open cup nests

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Tweet And Barney Are GONE!

Empty nest

6 responses to “Tweet and Barney are GONE!”


    • Texas Bird Family says:

      He didn’t even have feathers and his eyes weren’t open. He was newly hatched. Tweet didn’t even hatch yet.

  2. Ava Johnson says:

    Well just a couple of days ago they posted that Barney had just hatched, there’s no way they fledged.
    That’s so sad.

  3. Texas Bird Family says:

    Barney was at most 2 days old. We will never know if Tweet hatched or not. It was most likely a snake, blue jay, or crow. Maybe a squirrel. Hopefully, we can find another nest to watch soon!

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