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Jennifer Davis

Keller, TX, United States


My cat found this nest in a shrub in my backyard; I can’t tell if it is an adult or a baby; I am thinking an adult because it is so calm. I thought most likely a cardinal, but the beak is so bright orange and the head is so smooth. Cat will be staying inside for a while.


Open cup nests

Cardinal Mom Sitting On Nest

unidentified bird...possibly cardinal?

3 responses to “Cardinal mom sitting on nest”

  1. Robyn Bailey says:

    …Oh, there it is! Yes, that is an adult female cardinal sitting on her nest. Good find, and yes, good for kitty to stay inside for a while. For more information about cardinal nests, check out our page here:

    • Jennifer says:

      thanks for the encouraging words! This is my first nest watch. Mom is still there; dad is hanging about.

  2. Cameron Allen says:

    Robyn Bailey is right, it is an adult female. You can tell because the baby would have a black beak.

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