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Wendy Goodrich

Waban Avenue, Waban, Massachusetts, USA


this is hanging under a deck (one that you can walk under) – my window looks out under the deck and i have often seen birds flying underneath it so i went to see if there might be a nest .. and found this !
At first I would not assume that this was made by a bird, but because of the frequent sightings of them under the deck… i guess it would have to be. Also, have not seen the birds, only heard them chirping when they are near the nest.
I remember the same activity last summer… BUT … never saw a nest like this before.
Thanks, Wendy Goodrich


Unusual nests

Unidentified Birds Nest

5 responses to “Unidentified birds nest”

  1. Micah Grove says:

    I am researching the nest right now, do you know what the bird looks like?

  2. Wendy Goodrich says:

    Unfortunately I can’t get a look at them. they fly quickly to the corner where the nest is and once they hear me open the door… they fly out from under the porch and i can’t get a look at them. I’m sure they chose area under the deck because it is more ‘out of the way!’

  3. Wendy Goodrich says:

    Hi Micah.. have you had any luck ??

  4. Robyn Bailey, NestWatch Project Leader says:

    Hi Wendy, this looks like a glob of sprayable foam insulation. Probably someone added it to the deck to keep birds from nesting in a hole that was already there. The birds might be trying to get to an existing nest hole that was blocked. Or the birds might be nesting nearby, and the insulation is just a coincidence.

  5. Wendy Goodrich says:

    Thank you! It certainly doesn’t look like a bird’s nest but i was confused because they keep flying under the deck to that spot! And it would make sense that they keep trying to get back there, as I’d noticed them using that space for the past 2 years! … and because i never wanted to scare the birds away…I never went near that area at all. I’m so glad to finally get an answer.. Thank you so much!

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