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Ilinca Harja Iliescu

Cheia, Romania


Breeding birds

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Water Pipit

2 responses to “Water Pipit”

  1. birdlover says:

    Did those tree sparrows ever fledge?

  2. Ilinca Harja Iliescu says:

    Sorry for seeing this so late. Yes, they fledged, but I didn’t get the opportunity to photograph them. Last time when I checked the nest, there were only 2 chicks left, and I saw many young sparrows around our yard, so I guess they reached maturity. My parents decided to go on a trip in the week when I estimated they will fledge, and when the Black Redstart eggs will hatch, after the second clutch failed. Unfortunately, the third one had the same faith. Someone kept breaking the eggs, but I still don’t now what bird did that. Do you know some species that have this behavior? We don’t have cowbirds, I never saw one.

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