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Linda Dupont

Phoenix, AZ, USA


I was checking plants after 2 days of rain and noted an owl pellet in the yard, hmmmm, interesting – I looked up at the Screech owl box I had positioned up in my Palo Verde tree in November and there she was, in the box staring out at me. Not bothered a bit by my presence, she watched me for awhile then disappeared from the little entrance down into the box again. Truly blessed!


Nests in boxes

Western Screech Owl Just Found The New Box And Is Setting Up House

Western Screech Owl - Phoenix, AZ

3 responses to “Western Screech Owl just found the new box and is setting up house”

  1. Jessicajfk says:

    Wow! Please could you give me the dimensions of your box? (Or where you bought it) and how high off the ground you installed it? I want to try one in my eucalyptus tree if possible. Congratulations!

  2. Carole says:

    We have had a pair of screech owls for 4 years in our box in Scottsdale by the McDowell Mtns. They have usually moved in in late May and stay through the summer. No young ones. This year what I presume is a male came in February and has been calling all night for a month now. Haven’t heard or seen a female yet. In the summer they sit in the trees and even with all the commotion of the pool and kids they don’t seem bothered. Lots of fun!

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