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Kylie Beevers

Alpena, MI, USA


I posted a picture of this nest the previous week and I got some results.

1: It’s not an abandoned HummingBird nest.
2: It could be a sparrow nest, either song or swamp sparrow.
3: It would be easier if I put a small object in the cup of the nest to determine the cup size.

If you have any ideas, please leave a comment. The nest is in swamp land/marsh and is roughly two feet off the ground.


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What Nest?

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One response to “What nest?”

  1. Little Smalls says:

    Now that I know where it is, it has to be a swamp sparrow nest. You can check out what their nest looks like on google, and it looks exactly the same. They do like to nest with cover, so I am assuming when the nest was used, the tree or bush had plenty of greenery to protect it.

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